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Dr. Glen Introduces NES...

How to Do Your First Voice Scan

NES (Nutrienergetic Systems) based in London, England, now offers a 10-second body field scan.

No hardware or software is needed! 

NES Infoceuticals will activate your healthy genes, turning off the epigenetics of disease.  

Clinical studies show people with low wellness scores improved by 102% in one month.

Here are the simple step-by-step instructions to get your first NES Voice Scan right now:

1. Create your free NES account here.

2. Choose a quiet time and place... (You can even do voice scans on a smartphone)

3. Log into your account and go to the Scans tab at portal.neshealth.com/MyScans/List

4. Click the blue “BWS Voice Scan” button at the upper left and follow the directions

5. The first time you scan on a device, you'll be asked to access your microphone

6. Count out loud from 1 to 10 when prompted...

7. Click on "Available to View" to see your multipage interactive report.

8. Place your order here to consult with us, as you will need special guidance for your first three months using Infoceuticals.

9. Complete your application at the bottom of that page.

10. Schedule your phone consultation. We look forward to being on your wellness team!


What Are Experts Saying

About NES Health?

Listen to Dr. Mercola's Initial Experience of NES...

Dr. Mercola shares his initial evaluation of the NES system with top Nutritionist, Wendy Meyers...

Dr. Glen gives an overview of the miHealth healing device:

Dr. Mercola Likes the

miHealth PEMF...

PEMF is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. 

With the NES System, you can get a portable miHealth device that can be used for PEMF therapy without even touching the body.

The same healing tool can be used for Micro-Current stimulation in contact mode. 

Top athletes and others who use it regularly call it their 'pocket doctor.'

In a study using the miHealth, 93% of people felt significant improvement after just 2 sessions.

85% of people with chronic conditions reported an immediate positive effect...

I Need a miHealth! ($4200)
Not yet... I need to save up first...


The Scanner is Now Optional, As You Can Simply Use Your Voice...

But it will help with scanning young children and pets...

I Want a NES Scanner ($97)


The Epigenetic Medicine of the Information Age...

Update: NES Infoceuticals are now completely alcohol free.

You will have access to them in your NES portal...

Two Ways to Dose Infoceuticals...

Why Explore Healing Technology?

How Fast Can You Heal?

Learn More at AcceleratedSelfHealing.com

FAQ Videos

Questions About the Wellness Whispering Master Class

We plan to open up a free 5 Day Master Class to reveal how we use the Wellness Whispering technology. To get on the waiting list and reserve your space, you must join our private Facebook group through our automated assistant here: https://truly.so/kj9

When will I be able to get inside the Wellness Whispering Master Class?

Don't worry... Everyone will be admitted at the same time as soon as we are all ready to begin the Master Class, so you haven't missed anything.

Just be sure you have joined our Facebook group by clicking here: https://truly.so/kj9

You can also prepare for the class ahead of time by setting up your NES portal account through our digital assistant at https://truly.so/jqb, or directly at https://truly.so/zl7


Will the Master Class work for me and my situation?

Wellness Whispering technology works with anyone who can count out loud. It's that simple...

And you do need an internet connection, of course...

But that can be on a computer or on a cell phone... No problem.

This system will tell you what your body energy field is 'talking about' in real time...

So you don't have to be sick or have symptoms to use this subtle information to guide you to a higher level of wellbeing and performance in life...

And in the Master Class, you'll also learn about the technologies available you can use to extend this to work with animals, young children, or people who cannot speak, even if they are in a coma...

It's truly a breakthrough in healing technology, and we look forward to sharing it with you...

Including some of our proprietary secrets that we use with our private clients.

Will Wellness Whispering work for a beginner like me?

Wellness Whispering is the perfect starting point for beginners.

First of all, anyone who is new to this system is a beginner for the first 3 months...

And we will teach you how to get started gently.

You will be guiding the redirection of your phenotypic expression at a cellular level, which is a big deal.

It could be a bit like switching gears in a car... perhaps even from reverse to forward gears, in order to make progress in your self healing journey.

The beauty of this is that if you can drink a little water, you can do this therapy!


The Information Medicines are taken as Infoceutical drops of mineral water that carry the corrective epigenetic signals to your cells...

And if you want to add the power of Energy Medicine, you can get a miHealth unit that includes both Microcurrent and PEMF modes, so you can implement real-world 'Star Trek' style medicine along the way...

We have even added our own system of Natural Medicine integrating key nutritional factors and phytonutrients into pure, potent and poweful Functional Formulations™ that you will learn how to apply based on the biofield information decoded from your personal voice scan in just 10 seconds!

I look forward to seeing you in the Master Class...

Your power to maintain your health sovereignty will never be the same.

Choice Point:

Access free guidance for your journey through your interactive Choice Point course each time you do a NES Scan...


Learn more from the NES Founders Peter Fraser L.Ac. and Harry Massey at our Mentorship University site...


I Want a Free Trial to be a NES Practitioner

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