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Reduce Stress & Heal Faster...

With Zyto EVOX Perception Reframing...

Heal Yourself With Your Own Vocal Frequencies

We know that every material substance has its own characteristic pattern of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum...

In fact, that's how they are identified in the laboratory!

When you speak about a topic, the associated stress frequencies are analyzed in your voice via Fourier Analysis.

Then those stress frequencies are fed back to your cells through the Acupuncture Meridians, while you listen to relaxing music, automatically reframing the meaning of those frequencies at the cellular level.

$497 EVOX Package

More About EVOX...


The perceptual shift from seeing the word "Dead" to seeing the word "Alive" in the image below illustrates perception reframing:


Dr. Luzette and her patient describe their experience with EVOX:

History & Theory of Zyto EVOX with Dr. Vaughn Cook:

(Perception: Do you see a young or old woman below?)

Zyto's Dr. Vaughn Cook explains EVOX Perception Reframing:

See exactly how the EVOX software works:


Learn how physics is discovering that information and consciousness are the ultimate source of everything in our holographic universe:

History and Theory of EVOX with Zyto's founder, Dr. Vaughn Cook:

How Does Rapid Healing Work?

While listening to the relaxing music during the feedback phase of EVOX, here's how you can incorporate powerful breathwork, eye movement and imagery...

Step 1. Simply sustain your focus on the topic of the session, while listening to the relaxing music.

Step 2. While sustaining your focus on the topic of the session and listening to the relaxing music, notice any sensations, emotions, thoughts and images that may arise.

Step 3. While focusing on the topic while listening to the music and noticing anything that comes to mind, bring your attention to your breath, taking long, deep breaths of about 5 seconds for each inhale and 5 seconds for each exhale. This is a frequency (0.1 Hz) that activates a state of sustained harmony and balance in the autonomic nervous system.

Step 4. While maintaining your focus on the topic and listening to the music with full, deep, relaxed breathing, and awareness of anything that comes into your mind, move your eyes back and forth to the left and to the right at about one cycle per second (1 Hz). This is a frequency that resonates with the relaxed rhythm of the heart.

Step 5. Visualize a scene to your left that shows the past state of affairs, and a scene to the right that shows how you would like things to be... You can try looking toward the left side image of the past state for about 5 seconds of inhale, and then at the right hand image of your intended future outcome for 5 seconds of exhale.

Get Started With EVOX:

$497 EVOX Package

World-Class Coach & Trainer, David Wygant, the real life inspiration for the Movie "Hitch" shares his experiences as he begins his journey with Accelerated Self Healing™.

Transgenerational Perception Reframing:

Every self healer should complete a once-in-a-lifetime process of clearing the inherited epigenetic patterns of the diseases that run in their family. 

The process starts with the basic EVOX Perception Reframing. When the current life stress issues are sufficiently cleared, you will be notified that you are now ready to begin clearing your family constellation of inherited susceptibilities.

You'll complete a session on each parent, and each grandparent. If you are adopted, you'll do sessions for both your biological and your adoptive parents and grandparents.

You may also do a session for another significant person in your life such as a spouse...

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